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Materials that seem to have reached the end of their life cycle are reborn into innovative creations thanks to designers that transform them into furnishings.

An old cask becomes a fun ceiling lamp.

Although the concept of ‘design’ is often grandiose, it does not necessarily mean that precious and invaluable materials must be associated with creation and design.
On the contrary, the most interesting possibilities are often hidden in the most humble items: this is where reuse of what is commonly considered waste can become the keystone to give rise to unique furnishings. And, above all, eco-friendly.

I have personally tried to give a new lease of life to overly used beer kegs, transforming these objects into decorative elements, such as ceiling lamps , comfortable footstools and decorative partitions, inserting them in a brewery in order to intensify the theme of the core product.

When an item seems to have reached the end of its life cycle, observe it and think about it: does it really need to be thrown out?


  • 8 September, 2021

    Awesome decorative ideas! Working in this way sounds more creative and fun. Thanks for sharing about these reusable décor ideas here.


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